2024 2nd International Conference on Algorithm, Image Processing and Machine Vision(AIPMV2024)

Call For Papers

Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

◕ 图像处理 Image Processing:

· Image Transmission

· Image and Video Perception and Quality Models

· Image Storage

· Retrieval and Authentication

· Digital Signal Processing

· Optical Signal Processing

· Image Acquisition Pattern Recognition and Analysis

· Image Compression

· Image Processing Architecture

· Document Image Processing

· Image Coding and Compression

· Real-time Signal Processing

· Image Scanning

· Display and Printing

· Sensing, Representation, Modeling, and Registration

· Restoration and Enhancement

· Interpolation, Super-resolution, and Mosaicking

· Stereoscopic, Multiview, and 3D Processing

· Other Related Topics

算法 Algorithm: 

· Evolutionary Computation and Learning

· Natural Computing

· Genetic Algorithm

· Design and Analysis of Geometric Algorithms

· Graph Algorithms and Graph Drawing

· High Performance Computing and Processing

· High Performance Data Mining Algorithms

· Fuzzy Theory and Algorithms

· Natural Language Processing

· Intelligent Data Fusion

· Numerical Analysis

· Other Related Topics

机器视觉 Machine Vision:

· 3D Computer Vision

· Biomedical image analysis  

· Deep Learning

· Image Feature Extraction

· Action Recognition

· Camera Networks and Vision

· Fuzzy and Neural Techniques in Vision

· Optimization methods

· Biometrics, face and gesture

· Cognitive and Biologically Inspired Vision

· Low-level vision and Image Processing

· Object Recognition

· Biometric Authentication

· Computational photography,photometry, shape from X

· Motion and Tracking

· Other related topics