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-Zhenjiang Mingdu Hotel -

地址2.pngHotel Address:470 Dimaos 12th Road, Jingkou District, Zhenjiang, China


Zhenjiang Mingdu Hotel is located in Zhenjiang New District, surrounded by beautiful scenery and complete facilities. It is adjacent to Nanshan National Forest Park, away from the bustling city, allowing guests to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable space. Zhenjiang Mingdu Hotel adheres to the business philosophy of green environmental protection, the service tenet of moving customers, and the marketing highlight of technology and humanities, advocating healthy cuisines and green consumption. The hotel gathers northern and southern cuisines, as well as local specialties, refining and passing down the signature dishes of Mingdu.

Zhenjiang is a national historical and cultural city with a rich cultural heritage. In the Spring and Autumn Period, it was known as "Zhufang", during the Three Kingdoms period it was called "Jingkou", and in the Southern Song Dynasty, "Nan Xuzhou" was established in Jingkou. After the unification of the Sui Dynasty, it was renamed "Runzhou". The name Zhenjiang has been used since the Northern Song Dynasty and during the period of the Republic of China, it was the capital of Jiangsu Province. Zhenjiang has always been a place of strategic importance, controlling key passageways between the north and south with its beautiful scenery and cultural heritage, attracting numerous talented individuals throughout history who left behind timeless classics.